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Usable, Accessible, Search Engine Friendly Web Sites

Usable - You have 4 seconds to catch someone's attention! Usability studies have shown that the typical web surfer will decide within 4 seconds if they will stay at the site they are at, or move on. It is therefore very important that your web site be as user friendly as possible - or they will leave and go to your competitors web site instead!

Accessible - 175 billion dollars a year in discretionary spending money is held by people with disabilities! If your web site is made accessible, these people can be your customers! There are also mounting legal reasons to make your site accessible, not to mention that accessible web sites are also more easily used with PDA's and other handhelds.

Search Engine Friendly - Search engines are the cheapest, easiest, quickest way to get visitors to your web site. Search engines come and go, and they all change their search algorithms on a regular basis.

I no longer develop web sites for clients, but I am leaving up articles on this site that may be helpful to business owners and others who need a web site. These articles include some about good web design practices, accessibility, site promotion, business loans and home business insurance - Part I and Part II.

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for more information about open source software.

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