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Web Site Planning Worksheet 2 - Purpose and Goals

This worksheet is concerned with the purpose and goals of your site. I no longer do web design for clients but this worksheet can still help you to clarify your thoughts and give you advice on any of the points below.

1) Please give a brief description of your business. Include what you do or make, who your customers are, etc.:

2) Describe briefly the purpose(s) of your site (to directly sell products to consumers, to provide information, to showcase your services, skills, experience, products, etc.)

3) Who do you expect your site visitors to be? Or to whom do you want the design to appeal to? (for example: consumers, other businesses, competitors, children, etc.):

4) List examples of web sites that you like, as well as those that you don't like. Please include why you do or don't like them and consider both the visual/design aspects as well as how the site functions.:

5) Do you have any marketing materials such as logos, brochures, flyers, etc.? If so, are any of them already in a digital format - gifs, jpegs, etc?

6) How often do you want updates to the site made?

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