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Internet Information Resources for Business Owners

The articles listed below were written for business owners and anyone else who is considering purchasing a web site. The first group will empower you by explaining the design practices that will make your site more effective. These include search engine optimization and usability. The second group contains one worksheet to assist you in defining the purpose and goals of your site. A second worksheet is focused on decisions of how the nuts and bolts of your site will look. The others range from information about what you can do to promote your site to a special section for women business owners.

Business Finance Articles

Business Loans - Why, What and How

Home Business Insurance - Part I

Home Business Insurance - Part II

Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility - An Introduction

Good Design Practices Explained in Plain English

Search Engine and Directory Optimization

Web Site Usability - What to Avoid

Effective Web Site Organization

Good Free, Bad Free - a Guide to Web Tools and Services

Site Planning Worksheets and Articles

Please fill out both forms if you are interested in a web site, so that I can further understand your needs and goals. (Fill out Worksheet 1 to get a free site design estimate.)

Web Site Planning Worksheet 1 - Nuts and Bolts

Web Site Planning Worksheet 2 - Purpose and Goals

Web Page Design Layouts

Site Promotion

Three Ways You Can Promote Your Site


Communication and the Web - a Guide for Women Business Owners

How To Choose a Web Designer - What's Good and What to Avoid

Characteristics of Successful Web Sites

Why does my business or organization need a professionally developed web site?

Internet Security Tips

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