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Web Site Planning Worksheet 1 - Nuts and Bolts

This worksheet asks questions concerning the number of pages, colors, fonts, etc. to be used on your site.
1) How many pages do you want on your site in addition to the main page? Possibilities include About Us, Contact Us, Products, History (of our company), Staff, Portfolio, F.A.Q., Links, Photos, and News. Please read Effective Web Site Organization for more information and ideas for planning your site.

2) Where on each page would you like to have the main navigation links? Top, left column, right, or somewhere else? See Web Page Design Layouts for ideas.

3) What type of navigation links do you want? Text, buttons, or another type of image? See section about types of navigation links at the bottom of Web Page Design Layouts to help you decide.

4) What background color would you like to have on your site? White and black are the most common.

5) If you want any images on your site, such as navigation buttons, that also have text, what font would you like to be used? See Font Selector Guide for font samples.

6) What other features would you like on your site? These can include message boards, mailing list manager software, shopping cart, animations (Flash or gifs), extra graphics, etc.


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